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I have received some requests regarding some information on what frequencies the different organs vibrate at. However, I must also add that it would be impossible to use this information in the dim-mak area or to use it in anyway for the martial arts! You have too much to think about when being attacked without having to vibrate your palm at for instance 108 cycles per minute!

However, this information is very good for the healing art as you are able to use a metronome to move your hands at the exact same frequency as the organ that you are trying to heal. Given a little practice, you set up the metronome to the correct frequency, then try to get with the beat and 'tap' your fingers or hand at that same frequency over the organ or meridian point for that organ.

If one were trying to use this method in the martial arts, you would also have to know about the 'KO' cycle. I.e.., the destructive or controlling cycle of the five elements. So I will include a list of the organs and which ones they each control. So for instance, if you wanted to affect the Liver in an adverse manner, you would have to 'vibrate' your palm over the 'Metal Point' of the Pericardium, PC 5 which would then 'control' or damage the liver (LIV 14) which is 'wood'.

The 'KO' cycles is as follows;

Metal controls Wood: Wood controls Earth: Earth controls Water: Water controls Fire: Fire controls Metal:

Now, all you have to do is to work out which organs are which to know which organs to strike to affect the Ko cycle.

Earth Stomach Spleen
Metal Colon Lungs
Water Bladder Kidneys
Wood Gallbladder Liver
Fire Small Intestine Heart
Fire (Yes, Fire) Triple Heater Pericardium

So here you could strike to the Colon using the correct frequency in order to affect the Gallbladder or Liver. However, striking to the organ's YIN counterpart has a far greater effect than using the Yang organ. Although using the Yang will work quite well also. Use the Gallbladder strike to affect the Stomach or Spleen. Or use the Liver to more affect the Stomach or Spleen as it is the Yin part.

The Frequencies: With compliments of Dr. Yoshio Manaka M.D. Japan.

Lung 126 Cycles Per Minute
Colon 108 Cycles Per Minute
Spleen 132 Cycles Per Minute
Stomach 132 Cycles Per Minute
Heart 126 Cycles Per Minute
Small Intestine 120 Cycles Per Minute
Kidney 120 Cycles Per Minute
Bladder 112 Cycles Per Minute
Pericardium 176 Cycles Per Minute
San Jiao (Triple Heater) 152 Cycles Per Minute
Liver 108 Cycles Per Minute
Gallbladder 120 Cycles Per Minute
Ren Mai (Conceptor Vessel) 104 Cycles Per Minute
Du Mai (Governing Vessel) 104 Cycles Per Minute (Yes it is the same)

As I have stated, you would want to be either Superman or God to use the above information in the martial arts area! So use this information for interest only or for the healing area. If for instance you are a 'body worker", try using the metronome method. After some practice, you will be able to do without the metronome as you will just know what frequencies to use.